2020 Tax Season Is Just Around the Corner!

2020 Tax Season Is Just Around the Corner!

If you have had tax problems in the past you know it is no fun to be on the wrong side of the IRS or your state taxing agency. Our job is to get you current and compliant, but taxes do not end there. The key to solving tax problems is get up-to-date, establish a plan that is satisfactory and fair for both you and the IRS and then……stay current and compliant each and every year! Everyone deserves a second chance and with Millennia Tax Relief, you are going to get it.

What you do after your current tax issues are solved will determine whether you will have future tax problems or not.

2 things you need to get good at to avoid future tax problems are: Organization and Short-Term Planning.

Tax problems, do not just happen! Most of the time they are the result of a lack of organization and planning. Just like your birthday rolls around once a year, we know that every year April 15th is the tax deadline and a decision needs to be made. A good decision and proper action keeps you out of tax trouble. Bad decisions put you right back where you started.

If we are working on a solution for you right now or if we have completed your case you must, and this should be no surprise to you…….

You must submit your 2019 Tax Filing on-time!

If you currently are in a plan with the IRS, Currently Non-Collectible (CNC) status or some kind of Installment Agreement (IA), and you do not file on time that plan will be terminated! If you are in an installment agreement, you file on-time but you do not pay the taxes due, your IA will be in default and will be terminated.

So here is our effort to keep you current and complaint moving forward in 2020.

Tax season is 45 days away. You need to file your 2019 taxes by April 15th or file an extension to complete the filing later in the year. We normally charge $250-$300 a year for tax preparation and filing for individuals and couples and $450-$750 for a business.

If you prepay your 2019 tax filing now, we will give you a Special Discount.

Tax Preparation

Individuals and couples will pay $175 and businesses will pay $325. Full payment needs to happen before Dec 15th to take advantage and save. January 31st, 2020 we will request that you send us your W-2, 1099’s and accounting etc so that we can get your taxes done and submitted in advance of the April 15th deadline. If you do not have your financial records in order for the April filing, but you have prepaid for tax prep,  we will file an extension for you and complete the tax prep before the deadline later in the year, either Sept. 15th or October 15th, with no penalty to you.