Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution Help Through Millennia Tax Relief

If you are having IRS debt collections issues, you are aware that the accumulating penalties and interest continue to increase your liability. Millennia Tax Relief is here with 25+ years of experience to help you through the Tax Resolution process. If not attended to the consequences to these issues can and will escalate pushing the authorizing tax agencies to take further actions. Those actions usually have a very negative impact on the taxpayer.

We pride ourselves in being able to keep our clients informed with the expert tax resolution advice they need. We have been extremely successful in getting clients compliant and then settling their tax issues with the IRS or State taxing agency.

Our team of tax professionals is well versed on all of the IRS options available to resolve your tax debt problems. Through our comprehensive investigation, we source out the option(s) that are the most beneficial for each and every individual client or business.

Our goal is to give each and every client the opportunity for the best tax resolution possible given their specific scenario.

Some of the Tax Relief Programs and options available through Millennia Tax Relief:

Offer In Compromise

IRS Installment Agreements

Currently Not Collectible

Penalty Abatement

IRS Tax Discharge

IRS Tax Statute of Limitations

State Tax Debt Issues

Levy Releases

Stop Wage Garnishment

Tax Lien Removal

Filing Back Taxes

Tax Preparation