Tax Consultation

Tax Consultation Services foe Clients Nationwide

Pending IRS tax problems can be one of the most stressful situations you can encounter. Tax debt can potentially jeopardize many of the hard earned assets a family has. The worst thing you can do is ignore the situation. The best solution is to be proactive and join a team with Tax Resolution Experience. Calling Millennia Tax Relief can be one of the best things you can do to resolve your situation.

Why use Millennia Tax Relief for Tax Consultation

We bring 25 years of tax preparation and tax resolution experience to work for you. Our team of tax professionals will give you nothing but the best advice, preparation and representation. Our skilled team of Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents and consultants will guide you through the process to get back on track with the IRS.

With Millennia Tax Relief, you work with a company that has proven it can get results for taxpayers in similar situations to yours.

The Tax Consultation & Resolution Process

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is the fact finding phase. We want your viewpoint on where you are, what you have done and what the main issues to your tax issues are. We want to know your side of the equation and what your best case scenario goals are. we'll gather personal information that will help us build your personal case profile.


During this phase we find out the IRS or State Agency side of the story. What are they looking at? What they think you owe and how they got their numbers? We will also find what needs to be done to bring the client compliant in order to negotiate your resolution case. We then plot out the best options and strategy moving forward to reduce, resolve or elimiate your tax liability?


Once we have achieved IRS compliance, our team of tax professionals will negotiate on your behalf and bring about the best resolution possible given the current tax laws and your specific scenario.

Get Started with a Tax Consultation

We are eager to help taxpayers across the country get fair resolution to their tax problems. If you would like further information on how we can become part of your tax negotiation team please call Millennia Tax Relief today to talk with one of our tax consultants.